Powermode, presented by Primeshock, is the go-to podcast for your monthly shock of Hardstyle energy! Premiered at Q-dance Radio every last Wednesday of the month, available on social media the day after.

Containing new, classic, forgotten but most importantly powerful Hardstyle music that’s mixed in a higher energy level than in your average Hardstyle mix, you don’t want to miss out on this show! 


“Hardstyle lovers from all over the world, get ready for one hell of a mix with Powermode Episode 55! #PWM55 is filled to the brim with energetic music to get you up on your feet. That’s not all, this month’s episode features the Crude Intentions Remix of Primeshock’s theme song of the podcast. Get ready to switch into Powermode… REMIX!”

Release date: 28-07-2022


“Defqon.1 is behind us, and what a way to relive some of the epicness by listening to Powermode Episode 54! Primeshock shares some of the details of what they played at the mighty RED, but that’s not all… #PWM54 features their collaboration with Galactixx, I Want Your Soul! Ready to feel as if you’re back at the holy grounds?! Switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 30-06-2022


“Press start and step into the game with Episode 53 of Powermode! Primeshock prepared an energizing mix for you to go all-out during the festival season, your weekend or during your workout. If you ever needed a cheat code to feel powered up, #PWM53 is what you’re looking for! Are you ready for this one? Switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 26-05-2022


“Powermode Episode 52 will make you overflow with summer vibes! Alongside bangers from all over the Hardstyle scene, Primeshock drops their next release ‘In The Clouds’ to give you that extra boost of feelgood energy. If you’re into the happy rave sounds of two decades ago, or if you love the hyperactive UK Hardcore sound, this new banger is definitely something for you! #PWM52 is back in the game, so let’s do this thing. Switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 28-04-2022


“Hardstyle, it’s what we are… Primeshock proves this once again during Powermode Episode 51! Being extremely hyped about the upcoming festival season, the nice weather and the new tracks coming up, Primeshock filled #PWM51 to the brim with banging music. Their next release together with Geck-o, It’s What We Are Reloaded, will surely make you get up and dance! Enjoy the music, switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 31-03-2022


“Get ready for a ‘smooth’ episode of Powermode, as #PWM50 features Cha Cha Slide! Primeshock is free releasing the highly requested track in no-time, so get the dance moves in your system until then. Furthermore, Powermode Episode 50 features a few amazing classics, banging new tracks and enough music to get you hyped up for the festival season of 2022. Let’s get funky, switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 24-02-2022


“A brand new year filled with new opportunities to spread Hardstyle all over the world! Primeshock brings you Powermode Episode 49, filled with bangers left and right. Celebrating being part of the family for two years already, #PWM49 features the first two Primeshock releases ever on Dirty Workz. Are you ready to get this party started?! Switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 27-01-2022

#PWM48 | EPISODE 48 (Yearmix 2021)

“2021 has come to an end, so it’s time to look back at a year full of Hardstyle and Powermode! In the 2021 yearmix of Powermode, Primeshock features their highlights of the past 365 days. With over 2 hours of music, Episode 48 is extra long and the perfect mix to look back at an amazing musical year. Featuring more than 8 Primeshock releases as well as some future-classics, it’s time to switch into Powermode. Wishing you a happy new year and all the best for 2022!”

Release date: 30-12-2021


“Don’t pause, press play; on this episode of Powermode! In the 47th installment of the most energetic Hardstyle podcast out there, Primeshock drops their upcoming free release mashup of Tokyo Machine, and so much more. With tons of tracks that’ll make you go ‘oh I remember!’, as well as ‘I was hoping to hear this one’, #PWM47 is a must listen! Get ready to switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 25-11-2021


“Fasten your seatbelt, as Primeshock is taking you on a trip around the world! In Powermode Episode 46, their latest Q-dance Records release ‘Worldwide’ had a big influence when selecting songs for the tracklist. #PWM46 is filled to the brim with tracks that show you the world (of hardstyle) in a whole new way. Make sure you listen carefully to what captains Primeshock have to say, and switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 28-10-2021


“The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer; perfect timing to listen to Powermode Episode 45! Primeshock gets you pumped up in #PWM45 using a ton of track that feed your night addiction. Old, new, but most importantly: packed with energy! Are you addicted to the night?! Switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 30-09-2021

#PWM44 | EPISODE 44 (Decibel Outdoor Special)

“Primeshock dedicated #PWM44 to the loudest city on earth: Decibel Outdoor Festival! Reliving some amazing memories and already looking forward to when the festival can take place again, this episode of Powermode is one you need to check out. Let’s live loud for Decibel, and switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 26-08-2021


“Ready to get funky? Primeshock brings you Powermode Episode 43, which is gonna make you move for certain! By dropping their track Cha Cha Slide, which was part of Power Hour The Movie, this mix is a must-listen for energy junkies like you. Turn up your volume and let your feet slide from left to right, this is #PWM43… Switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 29-07-2021


“Weekend Warriors, the time has come for yet another Powermode Defqon.1 Special! Including their upcoming release Fitness Move with Villain, the Warrior Workout OST, Primeshock went all-in for this months mix. #PWM42 is packed with Defqon.1 feels, anthems, and more. Are you ready to re-enter the holy grounds? Then let’s begin… This is Powermode Episode 42, The Defqon.1 Special!”

Release date: 01-07-2021


“Get hyped up for Powermode Episode 41, because the time has come! In #PWM41, Primeshock drops yet another upcoming release ‘Rewind’. With so much energetic music each and every month, Powermode proves once again to be a show you don’t want to miss. Accompanied by time-related Hardstyle tracks, #PWM41 is going to be a journey through time you won’t forget; Switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 27-05-2021


“Are you feeling it? It’s Powermode Episode 40, featuring the upcoming Primeshock release ‘Power Up’! #PWM40​ is yet another banging episode in the ever-growing podcast series by Primeshock. Pump up your volume and enjoy an hour of mad energy: Switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 29-04-2021

#PWM39 (Everybody Dance Now Special) | EPISODE 39

“Get ready to dance your ass off with Powermode Episode 39, the Everybody Dance Now Special! For #PWM39, Primeshock unleashed an arsenal of dancing tunes to make this the most danceable episode of Powermode so far. Grab a towel, get on your feet and enjoy this banging hardstyle mix to the fullest. Let the music take control and switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 01-04-2021


“Get ready for some good times with Powermode Episode 38! Primeshock once again delivers a mixture of great Hardstyle in #PWM38​. Including their recent release Cheat Codes, as well as some older Primeshock tracks, this mix will get you dancing for sure! You know what to do… Switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 25-02-2021


“The year 2021 has begun, and so has another year of Powermode with #PWM37! This episode is once again, kinda special… As Cheat Codes will be released on the 4th of February! With a total of 20 game-related tracks, Primeshock celebrates the release and made this episode pumping like none-other. Are you ready to power up?! Switch into Powermode with Powermode Episode 37!”

Release date: 28-01-2021

#PWM36 | EPISODE 36 (Yearmix 2020)

“2020 has nearly come to an end, so let’s go out with a bang during #PWM36! In the Powermode Yearmix of 2020, Primeshock takes you back to the highlights of the year. It’s been tough, but there have been some bright moments too. What track or moment is gonna stick with you? Plug yourself in and enjoy Powermode Episode 36; switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 23-12-2020


“Dive deeper into the realms of Qlimax, as Primeshock takes you on a journey in #PWM35! The Qlimax Special of Powermode is an extra long mix for you to get in the mood! Darker tracks, anthems, Powermode Episode 35 is simply everything you need… Are you ready for this trip towards the source? Switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 26-11-2020


“Get on your feet and prepare to get motivated, with Powermode Episode 34! Primeshock brings another hour of Hardstyle to get you through the day. Including some of their remixes and bootlegs, #PWM34 screams energy! Let’s get this party started, switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 29-10-2020


“Everybody dance now, with Powermode Episode 33! Back with another banging tracklist, Primeshock is super hyped to get you moving again. #PWM33 features the brand new ‘Everybody Dance Now’ track by Primeshock, and is filled to the brim with more bangers than you can imagine! Let the music take control, and switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 30-09-2020


“Powermode Episode 32 is here, and it’s gonna make you sweat! Primeshock packed #PWM32 with some of their mashups, bringing true party vibes to you! If you weren’t sweating because of the summer heat yet, prepare to do so! Turn it up loud and switch into Powermode, this is episode 32! “

Release date: 27-08-2020


“Primeshock is back with yet again another energy packed episode of Powermode! In #PWM31 it’s time to get groovy with the Primeshock remix of Da Tweekaz – The Groove, as well as some forgotten classics and instant new ones. Get ready to switch into Powermode, with episode 31!”

Release date: 30-07-2020

#PWM30 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock


“The summer of 2020 has begun, and what better way to start it with Powermode Episode 30?! It’s the week of Defqon.1 @ HOME, so Primeshock decided to theme this episode of Powermode around some Defqon.1 vibes. In #PWM30, you can expect a few tracks premiered at the UV of 2019, some amazing classics and some new bangers from others. Put on your dancing shoes and switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 25-06-2020


“It’s time for Powermode Episode 29, providing you with the summer vibes you’re longing for! Besides insane classics and fresh tunes by your favorite artists, Primeshock drops their bootleg of Never Gonna Give You Up. #PWM29 is packed with energy, do you think you can you take it? Find out now and enjoy this months episode; switch into Powermode! ”

Release date: 28-05-2020

#PWM29 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM28 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock


“Powermode Episode 28 will make you forget about the troubles you could be facing during these times! This episode of Powermode features the Official Soundtrack for QONNECT made by Primeshock! #PWM28 might just be what you need to keep your head up, together we stand strong. Give yourself a boost of positvity; switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 30-04-2020


“Powermode Episode 27 will power you through these hard and twisted times! With the current state the world’s in, we’re happy to provide you with some of the best Hardstyle music out there. On top of that, #PWM27 premieres the Primeshock collaboration with Jay Reeve called ‘Get It’! What are you waiting for?! Switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 26-03-2020

#PWM27 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM26 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock


“Powermode Episode 26 is here, and it’s gonna make you dance no matter what! Primeshock selected new slammers, forgotten classics, and some special tracks they’ve saved up for this episode. With the festival season coming up, they’re more than excited to share the news about their upcoming performance at the RED of Defqon.1! Without further ado, enjoy #PWM26!”

Release date: 27-02-2020


“The first episode of Powermode for the decade; Primeshock kicks off their podcast series with #PWM25! After just joining Dirty Workz, they’re back with already their second release on the label. Besides brand new music, Powermode Episode 25 is packed with forgotten classics to energize your eardrums. Get ready for the ride, this is Powermode Episode 25 presented by Primeshock!”

Release date: 30-01-2020

#PWM25 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM24 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock (Yearmix 2019)

#PWM24 | EPISODE 24 (YEARMIX 2019)

“Powermode Episode 24 is here to end the year with a bang! This two hour long rollercoaster of energy is packed with the best Hardstyle for you to enjoy. In #PWM24, Primeshock looks back at 2019, which was an amazing year to say the least. Let’s jump into 2020 and see what it’s in store for Powermode and Primeshock!”

Release date: 19-12-2019


“Are you ready for Powermode Episode 23? This one’s gonna be one hell of a ride! #PWM23 is all about Qlimax, and features the soon to be released Primeshock track ‘Out Of My Mind’. We’re nearing the end of 2019, yet the podcast isn’t slowing down at all! Get ready for a shock of energy… This is Powermode Episode 23!”

Release date: 28-11-2019

#PWM23 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM22 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock


“Powermode Episode 22 is untouchable! Primeshock presents you the hottest tunes to warm you up while the days are getting colder. #PWM22 features the latest release by Primeshock and a ton of other energetic Hardstyle bombs for you to enjoy. Excited for what’s coming? Turn up Powermode Episode 22 and feel the heat of the beat!”

Release date: 07-11-2019


“Heavy beats, twisted melodies and Hollandse gezelligheid, anything goes in Powermode Episode 21! Straight out of the Ziggo Dome, Primeshock presents the 21st Episode of Powermode, still buzzing from X-Qlusive Holland. Grab yourself a Dutch snack and get ready for a ride through the Hardstyle spectrum in #PWM21. Turn it up and let yourself go, this is Powermode!”

Release date: 03-10-2019

#PWM21 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM20 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock


“Get ready for your shock of energy with Powermode Episode 20! Packed with edits especially made for the summer of 2019, Primeshock presents #PWM20 as a mix that’ll set your speakers ablaze! New tunes, old tunes, but most importantly, some of the best Hardstyle tunes you’ve been longing for. Powermode Episode 20, here we go!”

Release date: 29-08-2019


“Powermode Episode 19 is as powerful as ever! With the premiere of their upcoming release Powermode, Primeshock is ready to blow your socks off. In #PWM19, Primeshock presents the perfect collection of hot new Hardstyle from today combined with magical classics from the past. Power, energy, elevation and motivation: this is Powermode Episode 19!”

Release date: 01-08-2019

#PWM19 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM18 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock (Defqon.1 2019 Special)

#PWM18 | EPISODE 18 (Defqon.1 2019 special)

“The best way to get your Weekend Warrior mood going for Defqon.1, is by listening to Powermode Episode 18! In this episode, which is all about Defqon.1, Primeshock presents the hottest beats and a handful of Defqon.1 anthems you need to hear over and over. #PWM18 features some banging unreleased music, as well as the latest Q-Dance Records release ‘Retroshock’. One tribe, let’s switch into Powermode!”

Release date: 27-06-2019


“Powermode Episode 17 is here, with the summer tunes you’ve been waiting for! Intents Festival 2019 is as close as it can be, and Primeshock proudly presents to you the perfect mix to get you in the mood. Endure this hour of power, while Primeshock takes you on an energizing Hardstyle trip with music from the past, present and future. #PWM17 is unstoppable, hit ‘m up!”

Release date: 30-05-2019

#PWM17 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM16 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock


Primeshock proudly presents the 16th episode of Powermode, packed with summer vibes! As always, this installment of Powermode features the most energetic Hardstyle and gives a sneak peek at an upcoming Primeshock release. Ensuring motivation, energy, power and pure Hardstyle madness: get your festival season started with Powermode Episode 16, presented by Primeshock!

Release date: 25-04-2019


“This is Powermode Episode 15, presented and recorded live at Powermode on the 23rd of March in Dynamo, Eindhoven! During the Powermode event, Primeshock showcased their unique sound in front of an amazing crowd. New Primeshock tracks, an unreal energy level and Hardstyle madness that makes you wanna switch into Powermode: #PWM15 is a very special episode that, combined with awesome video footage, you simply need to witness!”

Release date: 28-03-2019

#PWM15 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock (live video)

#PWM14 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock


“Your shock of energy awaits in the 14th episode of Powermode, presented by Primeshock! Packed with Hardstyle bombs by heroes from the past and present, Primeshock showcases the best Hardstyle in Powermode once again. More information about the special Primeshock Powermode set at the Powermode Event, a ton of energizing music and a stunning mix: #PWM14 is an episode you don’t want to miss!”

Release date: 28-02-2019


“It’s a new year, and Powermode is BACK! Primeshock presents another hour packed with energetic Hardstyle! #PWM13 is a special episode in which the line-up of the first-ever Powermode Event, which will be held on March the 23rd, is highlighted. On top of that, the latest Primeshock release called ‘Off The Hook’ is featured in this podcast. 2019 has a lot to offer, you’ll hear all about it in Powermode Episode 13, presented by Primeshock!”

Release date: 31-01-2019

#PWM13 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM12 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock (Yearmix 2018)

#PWM12 | EPISODE 12 (Yearmix 2018)

“To conclude an amazing year for Hardstyle, Powermode Episode #12 is an extra long yearmix! #PWM12 looks back at 2018 and it’s most memorable and powerful tracks selected and presented by Primeshock. This months Podcast episode also serves as the anniversary of Powermode. Let’s celebrate 2018 and look forward to what 2019 has to offer for Powermode and Primeshock!”

Release date: 28-12-2018


“While the weather is getting colder, Powermode Episode 11 turns up the heat! Primeshock presents another energetic episode of the Powermode Podcast, containing the shock of energy you’re longing for. Turn up the 11th installment of the Powermode Podcast to feel the energy within!”

Release date: 29-11-2018

#PWM11 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM10 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock


“Another great selection of the old and the new: Primeshock presents you the 10th Episode of the Powermode Podcast! Containing their latest release ‘Everyday’ and much more, Powermode Episode 10 is a must-listen!”

Release date: 1-11-2018


“While 2018s festival season is over, the party ain’t! Primeshock kicks it up a notch with the 9th installment of the Powermode Podcast. Enjoy Episode 09 of the most energetic podcast around!”

Release date: 27-09-2018

#PWM09 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM08 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock


“Episode 08 of the Powermode Podcast, presented to you by Primeshock, is here to shake it up! Exhausting with energy, the most powerful Hardstyle podcast will make you lose your mind once again!”

Release date: 30-08-2018


“The seventh episode of the Powermode Podcast is here, brought to you by Primeshock! Primeshock presents you Decibel festival tinted summer vibes to boost your energy levels. Powermode Episode 07, let’s go!”

Release date: 26-07-2018

#PWM07 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM06 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock


“Primeshock brings you the sixth Episode of the Powermode Podcast! Packed with energy, party vibes and a sick Hardstyle selection by presented Primeshock, Powermode Episode 06 is here to shock your senses!”

Release date: 28-06-2018


“Get ready for some serious Target Training, with the next installment of the Powermode Podcast! Powermode Episode 05 is brought to you by Primeshock!”

Release date: 31-05-2018

#PWM05 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM04 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock


“It’s time for the 4th episode of Powermode, presented by Primeshock! #PWM04 is packed with energetic Hardstyle tracks selected by Primeshock, that will surely make you switch into Powermode during this festival season!”

Release date: 26-04-2018


“Powermode Episode #03 is here, presented to you by Primeshock!
Get ready for a shock of energy, as Primeshock will empower you to the MAX! #PWM03 presented by Primeshock is your go-to Hardstyle playlist to make you switch into Powermode once again!”

Release date: 29-03-2018

#PWM03 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

#PWM02 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock


“Primeshock wants you to switch into Powermode again with the 02nd episode of their monthly presented podcast! Your shock of Hardstyle energy awaits within #PWM02, are you ready to switch into Powermode?!”

Release date: 01-03-2018


“Primeshock proudly presents the first episode of their renewed podcast Powermode. #PWM01 features a unique mix of energetic Hardstyle that will surely give you the shock of energy you’re longing for!”

Release date: 01-02-2018

#PWM01 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock