Energy, power, entertainment; keywords that describe Primeshock on their way to the top. The Dutch Hardstyle duo consisting of Bart Peters & Thijs Verdegaal is devouring the Hardstyle scene with a surge of energy, their shockwave expanding at the speed of sound!

Primeshock is known for delivering crazy powerful sets, packed with their signature energetic Hardstyle sound that will pump up crowds and blow up stages. Reflected by both sound and vision, they redefine ‘party’ in a way that’s getting you powered up unlike anything else. Praised for playing both brand new and classic tracks, their catchy, fun and motivational music is one of a kind! On top of that, they represent the best Hardstyle in their monthly Powermode Podcast.

The cheerful duo goes all-out by performing at major events such as Defqon.1, Tomorrowland, Decibel Outdoor, Reverze, Intents Festival, Electric Love Festival, and many more. Headlining the biggest stages all over the realm of Hardstyle, and receiving continuous support by legends in the scene, they promise to be a unique name to keep your eyes on. Releasing motivational hits such as ‘Everybody Dance Now’, ‘Addicted To The Night’, ‘Cheat Codes’, ‘Fitness Move’, ‘Primetime’ and their remix of ‘Da Tweekaz – The Groove’, they’ve proven themselves to be on top of the game, hungry for more!

Primeshock is taking over the world of Hardstyle with their energy, positive vibes and catchy music.
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