All Primeshock releases, official and free, are listed on this page. The most recent music can be found on top. Treat yourself with a shock of energy and turn it up loud! 

Feel The Rhythm (w/ Firelite)

“Baby, let me show you what the rhythm can be! Premiered at Reverze and blasting dancefloors worldwide ever since, the ultimate Primeshock & Firelite collaboration finally released on Dirty Workz! Heavy kicks and uplifing happy melodies, what else could you wish for?!”

Release date: 10-05-2024

Snelle & Kraantje Pappie – Ruggengraat (Primeshock Remix)

“Get ready to be blown away by the remix of the hit track ‘Ruggengraat’ by Snelle and Kraantje Pappie! The original song ‘Ruggengraat’ is featured on Snelle’s album ‘Achtentwintig’ and has already racked up over 13 million streams on Spotify. It had crowds jumping during the sold-out ‘Achtentwintig’ tour, and now it’s Primeshock’s turn to give it a hardstyle twist.”

Release date: 26-04-2024

Shout (w/ Pie Star)

“Shout, shout, let it all out! Together with the Asian Pie Star, this 80s masterpiece received a Hardstyle twist that’ll blow you away! Reverse bass, heavy kicks, catchy melodies and a vibe that’ll make you wanna scream and shout, this banger is out now on Power Hour Records!”

Release date: 27-03-2024

Dance With Me

“Dance with me, let you body free! Primeshock delivers again with their signature euphoric party sound. Fresh kicks, reverse bass and a catchy vocal are just the right ingredients for yet another dancefloor banger. Let your mind go wild tonight, and turn it up loud!”

Release date: 23-02-2024

Better Now (w/ Stormerz ft. Jordan Jade)

“The feels! Better Now by Primeshock & Stormerz ft. Jordan Jade is packed with that pure euphoric sound we all fell in love with. Get swept away by the beautiful vocals, melancholic melodies and high-energy kicks that’ll leave you wanting more! Can it get any ‘better’ than this?”

Release date: 19-01-2024

Power Up (SHOCKWORK Edit)

“This is your POWER UP… at 200BPM! The highly anticipated SHOCKWORK edit of Power Up is out now for streaming, as a gift to wrap up a crazy 2023. Out with a BANG, right?!”

Release date: 07-12-2023

Turn Back time

“Turn BACK time and turn UP your volume for a bran new Primeshock banger! As an ode to the old and a celebration of the new, Turn Back Time is here to funk you up!”

Release date: 10-11-2023

It’s What We Are Reloaded (Again) (w/ Geck-o)

“What’s this, another reload of It’s What We Are? Hell yeah! Primeshock and Geck-o gave their refreshed collab another refresher, making it fit for the 2023 dancefloor standards. Get ready for ANOTHER nostalgia trip, this is It’s What We Are Reloaded (Again)!”

Release date: 12-10-2023

Blue Screen Of Death

“The heaviest Primeshock track to date has finally arrived! Made especially for SHOCKWORK and taking 2023 by storm ever since the premiere at REBiRTH Festival, this system-crashing banger is out now on Dirty Workz. Don’t hold your breath, the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!”

Release date: 01-09-2023

Keep Burning (The Qontinent Anthem 2023)

“Flaming sounds have arrived with the official anthem of The Qontinent 2023! Primeshock is bringing you the heat with ‘Keep Burning’, as it’s out now on Q-dance Records. Let’s get you fired up for the upcoming edition and download or stream it now!”

Release date: 21-07-2023

Chasing The Storm (ft. TNYA)

“C’mon and join us in the race! Primeshock is here with a leveled up sound in Chasing The Storm featuring the vocals of TNYA. The track was premiered during the first SHOCKWORK live experience at REBiRTH Festival 2023 and will leave you craving for more. Turn up the bass!”

Release date: 28-04-2023

Use Somebody (w/ Tony Junior)

“Tony Junior and Primeshock join forces for the ultimate sing-along banger.. Use Somebody! Featuring vocals that hit you right in the feels, a floating melody and heavy-hitting kicks, this dancefloor banger is coming straight at ya!”

Release date: 03-03-2023

Designed To Dance (w/ MC DL)

“Bones, skin and muscle, the pieces of my puzzle! Primeshock teamed up with MC DL to bring you the ultimate danceable party banger to kick off 2023. Packed with high-energy pounding kicks, uplifting melodies and a sweat-inducing catchyness, this one’s a must-listen! Out now on Dirty Workz; Designed To Dance!”

Release date: 27-01-2023

Glitchfest (/w Da Tweekaz & GLDY LX)

“The long awaited collab between Da Tweekaz and Primeshock finally happened, resulting in Glitchfest. This ultimate festival party-banger is pure dancing material, time to get Glitchy!”

Release date: 10-11-2022

Oranje Energie (/w Dr. Rude ft. Tim Schalkx)

“Voel de oranje energie! Primeshock, Dr. Rude en Tim Schalkx hebben de handen in één geslagen om een plaatje te maken dat je oranje hart sneller laat kloppen. Met deze drie feestbeesten kan het natuurlijk niet anders dan dat het een knaller geworden is. ’Oranje Energie’ is nu uit op X-Qlusive Holland Records.”

Release date: 27-10-2022

Out OF My Mind (Firelite Remix)

“Firelite closes off the Multiplayer Remix EP with his absolutely banging take on Out OF My Mind! This Australian supertalent manages to bring the first-ever Primeshock release on Dirty Workz into a sound that perfectly fits the Hardstyle sound of today.”

Release date: 19-10-2022

Powermode (Crude Intentions Remix)

“Crude Intentions turns up the heat with the third Multiplayer Remix EP track: Powermode! Keeping the core alive featuring the vocals of Alee, this youngster injected Powermode with more power than ever. Switch into Powermode… REMIX!”

Release date: 12-10-2022

Target Training (Advanced Mix)

“The second release of the Multiplayer Remix EP is here! Taking the notorious energy of Target Training to the next level with the Advanced Mix, it’s time to get sweaty. Work out at MY PACE!”

Release date: 05-10-2022

Cheat Codes (Yuta Imai Remix)

“The first release of our Multiplayer Remix EP is a fact, with Yuta Imai’s remix of Cheat Codes! Bringing a perfect fit of his game-type hardstyle sound to this remix, this one will surely make you crave a gaming session!”

Release date: 28-09-2022


“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s the brand new collaboration between Primeshock and Villain! This heroic (or should we say villain?) themed track was made especially for Power Hour 2022. Put your fist in the sky and fly like a superhero: MAXIMUM POWER!”

Release date: 08-09-2022

I Want Your Soul (With Galactixx)

“The ultimate blend of sounds, Primeshock & Galactixx take your soul away with ‘I Want Your Soul’! Premiered at Intents Festival mainstage, this fierce and energetic collaboration will shake you up and leave you longing for more… I WANT YOUR SOUL!”

Release date: 27-07-2022

In The Clouds

“Okay, let’s do this thing! Primeshock’s single ‘In The Clouds’ delivers both a fresh and pounding dancefloor soundtrack, as well as an ode to the happy hardcore era. Featuring beautiful vocals, hard hitting kicks and airy melodies, ‘In The Clouds’ makes you put their hands in the air and dance the night away!”

Release date: 05-18-2022

It’s What We Are Reloaded (With Geck-o)

“Primeshock & Geck-o teamed up to reload one of the classics that are amongst many favorite lists… It’s What We Are Reloaded was born! Keeping the soul that made this track so magical, while slathering it with Primeshock sauce… Get your shot of nostalgia and stream it loud!”

Release date: 20-04-2022

Cha Cha Slide

“Cha cha real smooth! Our highly requested dancefloor banger Cha Cha Slide is finally available FOR FREE! This track was especially made for Power Hour The Movie and, if you haven’t yet, make sure you check out that full hour of madness!”

Release date: 04-03-2022

Tokyo Machine – Play Moshi (Primeshock Masshuappu)

“Moshi Moshi! We’re giving away our mashup of Tokyo Machine – Play Moshi FOR FREE! Head to the link below and grab this – fun/energetic/sugoi/oni chan/nani-ever – track right now. Shoutout to Tokyo Machine for being such a big inspiration!”

Release date: 03-12-2021


“Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a turbulent tune from your captains Primeshock. Worldwide is out now on Q-dance Records!”

Release date: 15-10-2021

Addicted To The night (ft. Diandra Faye)

“This one’s for you, night addicts! Primeshock dropped a magical track featuring the beautiful vocals by Diandra Faye. Get ready for powerful melodies, heavy kicks and a catchyness of levels unknown till now!”

Release date: 10-09-2021

FITNESS MOVE (Warrior Workout OST) (With Villain)

“1, 2 ,1, 2 FITNESS MOVE! It’s time to push it to the absolute limit. We’ve created a track that requires a true warrior mentality. ‘Fitness Move (Warrior Workout OST)’ by Primeshock & Villain is out now on Q-dance Records.”

Release date: 02-07-2021


“Primeshock is taking you on a trip through memory lane with their track Rewind. Packed with classic Hardstyle vibes, in a fresh sounding jacket. Get your mind blown with Rewind!”

Release date: 18-06-2021


“Player one, player two, you are now Plugged In! Primeshock delivers another high energy track. Power Up is the perfect crossover of euphoria, energy and arcade. This is your Power Up!”

Release date: 05-05-2021

Everybody Dance Now

“What started as a production challenge for Primeshock, turned into a massive dance floor smasher! Make your body move and sweat. You know what to do, everybody dance now!”

Release date: 18-03-2021


“We don’t need no CHEAT CODES! Primeshock is back with a next-level production. Enter the freakmode, let it hit like dynamite, and go crazy to the fresh sound of Cheat Codes!”

Release date: 04-02-2021


“Get groovy with the Primeshock remix of the classic Da Tweekaz tune ‘The Groove’! Packed with both signature sounds, Primeshock manages to give an amazing twist to The Groove. Put on your dancing shoes and let yourself go!”

Release date: 20-08-2020


“After rickrolling some livestreams here and there, it’s time to give away our bootleg of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ for free! Enjoy the Primeshock-injected bootleg of this alltime classic by Rick Astley! ⚡”

Release date: 09-07-2020

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Primeshock Bootleg)

Primeshock - Never Alone | Official QONNECT Soundtrack


“Today we celebrate the release of a tune that embodies the hardstyle spirit to the fullest. Never Alone, the official QONNECT soundtrack by Primeshock, is out now on Q-dance Records. ?”

Release date: 14-05-2020

GET IT (With Jay Reeve)

“Dutch young guns Primeshock and Jay Reeve team up for a feel good single “Get It” which were premiered during their set at Reverze 2020! Sun’s out and ready for a good time – this is their latest video clip “Get It”.”

Release date: 27-03-2020

Primeshock & Jay Reeve - Get It (Official Video)

Retroshock (Primeshock & Retrospect) | X-Qlusive Holland 2019

Banger Hart (Primeshock Remix)

“Er is geen banger hart, geen banger hart, dan dat van mij! Primeshock remixed this well-known Dutch hit by Rob de Nijs, and free released it for you to enjoy! Premiered at X-Qlusive Holland 2019, this remix surely makes you wanna dance!”

Release date: 12-02-2020

Vrienden voor het leven (Retrospect & Primeshock remix)

“Together with Retrospect, Primeshock made a remix of the song ‘Vrienden Voor Het Leven’ by famous Dutch singer Jan Smit. The remix was premiered at X-Qlusive Holland and is out now!”

Release date: 07-02-2020

Vrienden Voor Het Leven (Retrospect & Primeshock Remix)

Primeshock - The Jungle (Official Video)


“Taking us on a journey through the dense greens of the Jungle – bearing our human roots bare with the sound of the underground – Primeshock bring the steamy humidity to your ears with their latest Hardstyle single on DWX – The Jungle. Go back to the roots of our existence and enter the jungle – enjoy Primeshock – The Jungle!”

Release date: 23-01-2020


“Dutch feel-good, ever smiling duo Primeshock treat us to their premiere single on Dirty Workz – Out Of My Mind. Make no mistake, this track will definitely remain on infinite loop in your mind – definitely won’t be getting this one out of your mind. Enjoy this awesome, premiere single on Dirty Workz “Out Of My Mind” by Primeshock.”

Release date: 12-12-2019

Primeshock - Out Of My Mind (Official Lyric Video)

Primeshock - Untouchable | Official Video | SPEQTRUM


“We’re untouchable! A new banger from Primeshock has arrived. Primeshock – ‘Untouchable’ is available now on all portals. Stream it loud!”

Release date: 31-10-2019


“Give it all you’ve got and switch into Powermode with a brand new Hardstyle masterpiece by Primeshock & Alee. High-energy sounds, powerful vocals and an electrifying melody make this collaboration of the most sought after festival season tracks of summer 2019.”

Release date: 26-09-2019

Primeshock & Alee - Powermode | Official Video

Primeshock & Retrospect - Retroshock (Official Video)


“Two great talents joined forces to create one of the most energetic tracks of the year: Retroshock. It comes as no surprise that the name of the track is a combination of its two creators: Primeshock and Retrospect. With a pounding mid-intro and an uplifting melody that will stick with you for days, this is sure to become an absolute festival banger. We can’t wait to hear it at Defqon.1!”

Release date: 18-06-2019


“These boys are unstoppable with their energetic and uplifting hardstyle tunes! Hit ‘m is yet another release with that signature Primeshock sound which will put a smile on your face immediately. Enjoy!”

Release date: 16-05-2019

Primeshock - Hit 'm

Primeshock - Off The Hook


“The energetic duo Primeshock is back with another catchy tune! Powerful track which immediately puts a smile on your face and makes you want to hit that dancefloor! This track is definitely ‘Off The Hook’ ;)”

Release date: 28-01-2019


“We’ve got everything you need! This is the Primeshock Bootleg of LSD – Genius. After dropping this tune at festivals all summer, it’s time to give it away as a free release! Enjoy this genius Hardstyle track!

Release date: 22-11-2018

LSD - Genius (Primeshock Bootleg)

Primeshock - Everyday


“The Primeshock boys are definitely on a roll with their 3rd release on Lose Control Music. Another typical uplifting Primeshock track with an amazing drive. LET’S GO!”

Release date: 29-10-2018


Get the groove going.. with another uplifting tune by Primeshock. Instant smile on your face when you hear this one! A true signature sound and they are definitely here to stay.

Release date: 28-09-2018

Primeshock - We Had Disco

Hardwell & KSHMR - Power (Primeshock Remix)

POWER (Primeshock Remix)

“This is power! Enjoy the unofficial Primeshock Hardstyle Remix of Hardwell & KSHMR – Power. The original track is a beast and with our Hardstyle Remix we’ve tried to inject it with Primeshock energy!”

Free release date: 01-08-2018


“These guys are on a roll! With their uplifting melodies and empowering lyrics, their sets are a must-see when you have the chance. After the great success of Primetime, they are back with a new banger called ‘Target Training’. Already featured on the Defqon.1 CD and got support from Headhunterz and Wildstylez.

Release date: 05-07-2018

Primeshock - Target Training

Primeshock - Primetime (Official Videoclip)


“YOU CAN DO WHATEEEVER! Enjoy the official videoclip of ‘Primeshock – Primetime’, which has been released on Q-Dance NEXT the 26th of February 2018.”

Release date: 26-02-2018