Primeshock” is the direct effect of a Hardstyle bomb that dropped too hard. Devouring the Hard Dance scene with a raging flood of energy, their shockwave is expanding at the speed of sound!


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Dance With Me

“Dance with me, let you body free! Primeshock delivers again with their signature euphoric party sound. Fresh kicks, reverse bass and a catchy vocal are just the right ingredients for yet another dancefloor banger. Let your mind go wild tonight, and turn it up loud!”

Release date: 23-02-2024

Powermode Podcast

Powermode, presented by Primeshock, is the go-to podcast for your shock of Hardstyle energy! Also played at Q-dance Radio, and being released a few times a year. Containing new, classic, forgotten but most importantly powerful Hardstyle music that’s mixed in a higher energy level than in your average Hardstyle mix, you don’t want to miss out on this show!